Prepare for virtual career fair

Thank you for choosing eCareerFairs for your virtual career fair service needs. This procedure guide will walk you through the steps to a successful recruiting event. The 8 steps are presented in the chronological order by which they should be executed. We recommend reading through each step before performing any outlined. Click on each step number for more detail.


Supply Booth Setup Materials

When: right away...

Booth Tile Example

Supply your eCareerFairs account representative with the following booth related materials quickly. With these materials, we'll be able to create your booth tile that presents the job seeker with information about your company and an entry point to your booth.

Providing these materials in a timely manner will ensure that job seeker registrants can view them beforehand and be prepared during the event:

  1. ‍Company name, main website URL, careers webpage URL, headquarter address
  2. Full description of your company (the industry, what it does, etc) - typically the “About Us” page of your website
  3. Company logo (120x60px jpg, gif, or png file)
  4. ‍Brief paragraph of why job seekers want to work at your company
  5. ‍Booth media items - any document files (pdf, doc, xls, pptx, etc) or video links (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) you want to make available to job seekers
  6. ‍Job postings - links to the job postings you'd like to make available during the event

Schedule Your Recruiters and Supply Their Information

When: right away...

Recruiter Tile Examples

Determine what recruiters will attend the event and ensure they are aware of the schedule.

  1. If they are only available for part of the event, indicate the time slot of their availability
  2. eCareerFairs recommends 3 or more recruiters to ensure all desired candidates are handled and have low wait times

Supply your eCareerFairs account representative with the following recruiter information:

  1. Recruiter name, title, location (email, phone, city, state, country)
  2. Profile image of each recruiter (100x100px jpg, gif, png file) - this is important for personalizing conversations
  3. Description of the recruiter's goal as it refers to the career fair
  4. Available time slots

Schedule a Booth Moderator

When: right away...

Booth Moderator Example

When a job seeker enters your booth, among other features, they are presented with a booth chat area. The booth moderator is an individual that should oversee the chat area. They can then answer general company questions and guide a job seeker to the appropriate recruiter (ie: the one with the shortest wait time, or one that is more suited for the candidate.) Along with the recruiters, the booth moderator should also be scheduled to attend the event. eCareerFairs does not recommend using one of the recruiters for this purpose.


Advertise the Event

When: in a few days...

eCareerFairs will post your event on which will likely result in some attendee registrations. However, to gain a high volume of attendees from your industry, we strongly recommend that you market the event via your outreach channels. Some channels may include, but are not limited to: advertising agencies, industry specific associations (ie: ".orgs"), internal candidate database lists, company careers webpage, and company social media outlets (ie: Facebook, Twitter, etc).

In addition, if desired, eCareerFairs can provide you with an event registration landing page including company information, complete event information, registration link, and steps to proceed. You can provide this page to your outreach partners and provide a link to it in any marketing materials (emails, newsletters, etc.)


Recruiters Preview Registered Candidates

When: a week prior to the event...

Candidate Search Example 
  1. Recruiters will be provided with event login information so they may review and search the resumes of registered candidates
  2. Recruiters can add attendees to their eCareerFairs saved candidates repository, add notes, and send invitations to those of interest to ensure they attend the booth for a conversation
  3. A day prior to the event, recruiters should repeat the search for newly added registrants

Attend the Event

When: on event day...

Get Familiar with the Features
  1. We recommend that recruiters log into the event a half an hour prior to get familiar with the platform. Upon the first login, recruiters will be presented with a brief slideshow that walks them through the functionally of the system. Beyond the slideshow, it’s also a good time to peruse the platform to become more familiar with the various features
  2. During the event, a Booth Moderator from your company should be available to oversee the eCareerFairs booth chat feature
  3. A half an hour prior to and throughout the event, an eCareerFairs Event Moderator will be on-call via chat to answer any recruiter questions that may arise

Take Advantage of Post Event Services

When: up to 6 months post event...

Event Summary Example
  1. Review event booth statistics
  2. Review saved candidate conversations, notes, ratings, and resumes
  3. Search all resumes from the event
  4. ‍Contact candidates of interest for interviews

Contact Us to Communicate Your Suggestions and Successes!

When: after the event...

We want to hear from you! Please let us know where we need improvement. Let us know of any hires as a result of your eCareerFairs event!

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